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We believe in taking care of our team and in empowering them to grow in their skills.

Purple Tree Coaching & Consulting works with many contractors who are a master in their skills. We make sure that our contractors work in an environment that allows them to have flexibility, where they can be challenged, and it gives them the opportunity to continue to grow in their career. We create a work environment that is friendly and loving.  We take care of our contractors by developing relationships with them to get to know them and identify their strengths to be positioned in the most suited projects. Our goal is to see them succeed and accomplish their objectives.


We see our clients as partners. Their success is our success.

When you hire Purple Tree Consulting & Coaching, you are hiring a team that cares about your organization. we become an extension of your team. We aim to be an extension of what you stand for and our goal is to see you succeed and accomplish your goals. For this reason, we prefer to work with clients for a long enough time, so we can fully learn and understand the organizational structure, and culture of your company. Additionally, we want to build trust and achieve lasting results.


We believe in seeking strategic partnerships to create a network of resources to help you achieve your goals.

Purple Tree Coaching & Consulting works hard to develop networking opportunities with vendors that provide reliable services. Our goal is to count with a network of service providers that are available as the need for additional services surges during our time working with an organization.

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Purple Tree Coaching and Consulting is in the business of helping you work with purpose!

To get started, schedule a free consultation today.

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