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Why "Purple Tree"

It’s been said that the first thing one should do when starting a business is to think of a name for the business, or at least that’s what I read in the many articles I researched online during late nights on how to start a business.

I started writing down names that stood out to me until I had ten of them. I was looking for a name that would represent who I am.

I remember sitting down with my husband JP one night and listing several names, and neither of us felt that any of them were "the one.” Perhaps I was just trying to imitate other consulting and coaching businesses or perhaps I was trying to sound trendy. That same night I brought up one name I had been thinking about but hadn't put much thought into: “Purple Tree.” JP agreed immediately and said, “That’s it! That is the one."

You may be wondering why Purple Tree? Where does that come from and what does it mean? You see, I’ve always been a strong believer that we should be ourselves no matter the place or situation. The core of who we are should remain the same. Purple Tree represents the core of who I am. To me it stands for faith. Nine years ago my husband and I were faced with the hardest decision of our lives. I still remember sitting with him on our brown sofa discussing the future of our unborn child. I was about five months pregnant when our baby was diagnosed as “incompatible with life.” This is a term given to babies who won’t be able to sustain themselves on their own after birth. This is where my journey of faith started. (If you would like to learn more about my journey with my first-born child, you can read the story in our personal blog here.)

During our time discussing what would be the best decision for our baby, I took a position of faith, and I said to JP “there is nothing impossible for God.” If God wanted to he could turn a tree purple just because he can. I was referring to this tree as a concept of faith. If God wanted to, He could save the life of our child.

From that point forward every time we were faced with a situation that required faith, we would remember our “purple tree.” It was my phrase of faith and it became part of what I represent. God can do the impossible, He can move mountains, He can heal, that is the God I serve.

Purple Tree Coaching and Consulting was and continues to be a big step of faith for me and my family. So it was just right to name our company: “Purple Tree.” It represents who I am and what my God can do and will do.

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